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  • Grilled Whole Snapper - The Simplest Way to Cook Whole Fish

    Posted on December 07 2016

    A plated dish consisting of whole fish with eyes and fins on display certainly doesn’t appeal to everyone. Some people just don’t like their food staring back at them. However, cooking a fish in its entirety produces unparalleled textures, flavors and aromas that can only be attained with skin and bones intact. It’s also great respect to enjoy the fish to the very last bite with zero wasted meat.

    If you’re at all intimidated, cooking whole fish is surprisingly easy and a simple recipe with few ingredients preserves the natural flavors. One of the major benefits to cooking a whole fish is that the skin protects the meat and locks in moisture. It is also much easier to overcook a trimmed fillet compared to a whole fish.

  • Gateway to the Gulf Stream - Hillsboro Inlet is Home to the Best in the Business

    Posted on November 22 2016

    Home to the longstanding Pompano Beach Fishing Rodeo, highly competitive Pompano Beach Saltwater Circuit, Merritt’s Boat and Engine Works, Lindgren-Pitman, Mold Craft Fishing Products, Bionic Bait, RJ Boyle Studio and many more of the most influential names in the industry, Pompano Beach, Lighthouse Point and nearby Hillsboro Inlet are a collective driving force and hotbed for angling innovation while subsequently influencing sport fishing activities across the globe. In fact, many of the world’s best captains and mates began their careers here rising through the ranks of sport fishing’s elite as they continue their quest for the one.

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